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580 S. Aiken Ave., Shadyside Place, Suite 310
Pittburgh, PA 15232


David Lesondak. Structural Integrator & Fascial Specialist Practitioner, speaker and educator




How Does It Work?

David Lesondak

Just as no one part of your body functions in isolation, no one part malfunctions in isolation. Your body  is designed to work as an integrated whole.

At your first session, David will take a thorough medical, accident and injury history as well as your "pain story". What do you feel like in the morning? When is your pain, discomfort or performance issue(s) most aggravated? and so on…

Then there will be a complete postural and movement assessment to better determine your overall patterns and specifically assess which "parts" of you are most involved. Your first treatment with then proceed, specifically designed to give you a difference you will feel before you leave.