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580 S. Aiken Ave., Shadyside Place, Suite 310
Pittburgh, PA 15232


David Lesondak. Structural Integrator & Fascial Specialist Practitioner, speaker and educator




How Long Does it Take?

David Lesondak

While many people have a noticeable result after the first treatment most people get the best results by undertaking 10-12 treatments over a 4 month period. David will tailor the specific number of treatments and their sequencing to help you achieve optimum results.

Treatments are 50-60 minutes in length, but it is recommended that you allow 90 minutes for your first session if possible.

For those of you who may be experiencing ongoing symptoms from a severe trauma, injury, illness or disease, moor frequent visits may be indicated. Please feel free to talk with David before you come in if this is a concern for you.