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580 S. Aiken Ave., Shadyside Place, Suite 310
Pittburgh, PA 15232


David Lesondak. Structural Integrator & Fascial Specialist Practitioner, speaker and educator


This is more than mandatory continuing education… David generates an incredible educational experience.
— Dr. Christopher Webb, DC DABCO, Washington PA

David's webinar presentation to the American College of Preventative Medicine. November 2014

David enjoys giving educational talks to local groups of all types who are interested in finding out more about fascia, structural integration and its benefits. He also conducts workshops for various professionals and has presented at conferences nationally and internationally.

David offers a variety of short presentations, short and long form workshops on a number of fascia-related topics, approaches and techniques that he can tailor for your group, organization or continuing education needs.

Please call 412-708-2751 or email for more information.

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Upcoming 2015 Classes

Fascia in Form 7 Function
Saturday October 17, 2015
 Hershey, PA
A one day intensive workshop, go here for more details


CALL 412-708-2751 for more information

I learned many new techniques that I can use immediately to help my clients and more about he human body than I ever knew before. I found David extremely knowledgeable and very entertaining. He’s a fantastic teacher!
— Doneen Holland LMT, Kempton, PA

Continuing Education Series on Fascial Approaches and Treatment Plans

A series of courses designed for soft tissue practitioners from all backgrounds

Fascial Approaches to Chronic Low Back Pain
Fascial Approaches to Chronic Neck Pain
Fascial Approaches to the Extremities
Intro to Structural Evaluation and Designing Fascial Treatment Plans

CALL 412-708-2751 for more information or to sponsor a class in your area.